Network Security

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Each day, your network becomes more complex with new devices and connections. Protect it with network security designed specifically for your business. Let Hyperion Networks prepare your organization for the next generation of threats and protections.

Beyond Firewalls

In the sea of security technologies, Hyperion empowers you to navigate uncharted waters safely with smart firewall and filtering solutions that are designed with your business in mind, designed to safeguard your perimeter and your users. We offer solutions that go well beyond firewalls, we also work hard to help harden your systems from cyber attacks while still allowing your employees to access remotely with ease.

Securing Users

Hyperion Networks will help secure your entire network, satellite offices and the traffic that runs through it with leading network security from some of the top technology providers in the world. Regardless of your company size, you need a robust solution that can scan across architecture and applications to keep your operations safe.

Network security is no longer a problem just for your IT department. Today, every business operation, every product and every customer service interaction utilize your network infrastructure. 100% of your network should be safe or else you put your customers at risk.

Regulatory Compliance Concerns

Organizations are subject to many regulatory and standards compliance requirements. Some, like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), affect only organizations that process credit card transactions. Others, affect every organization that collects personal data. There are also regulations, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), that affect multiple industries, such as healthcare, education, insurance, government entities, and more. No matter the extent of your compliance requirements, Hyperion Networks is available to help you to ensure and demonstrate compliance with applicable regulatory statutes, as well as internal compliance initiatives.

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Let Hyperion Networks provide you with a custom-tailored security strategy designed to fit your business needs.

Benefits of Network Security
Lower Cost Of Ownership
Penetration Testing
Hyperion can assesses the effectiveness of security controls by simulating a real-world attack that mimics current adversary techniques. Penetration testing is useful for illuminating unknown security weaknesses that could result in a compromise.
Lower Cost Of Ownership
Improve Regulatory Compliance
Hyperion Networks provides services and solutions that are designed to lower the burden of regulatory compliance while delivering the security and assurance organizations just like your's require for both compliance and piece-of-mind.
Lower Cost Of Ownership
Advanced Threat Protection
Hyperion can provide you with a cohesive security infrastructure that fully integrates actionable threat intelligence and automates real-time advanced threat protection—across your threat surface.

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