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Welcome to a Better IT Experience

Joe Ray - Founder

Surviving in today's business world often boils down to your ability to adapt rapidly to change - something that's just not always possible with an in-house IT team. That's where we, Hyperion Networks, comes in. We help businesses just like yours leverage and expand their existing IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity, preparation for adapting trends in technology and telephony, and most of all, we help to ensure that from a technical perspective, your organization can concentrate on being aligned with consumer demands.

Today, Hyperion Networks is helping more than 4,000 customers in over 5 states work more productively. This is the end result of the added value that we build into our customer relationships, through enterprise-grade solutions such as Remote Management, Managed Security, Hosted Services, and high-availability and performance driven networks.

Without a doubt, Hyperion offers some of the finest services, equipment, network engineers and support staff in the technology consulting industry. We are proud of the partnerships that we have forged with our customers, our equipment manufacturers and our staff. Speaking of our staff, you would be hard pressed to find a group with more hands-on IT knowledge and expertise than the staff right here at Hyperion Networks. Many have been in the business for over 25 years and help our customers experience first hand why Hyperion Networks has become one of the best names in outsourced IT.

It is our simple desire, that when you think of quality IT care, that you think of Hyperion Networks!
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